The Jubilee Cross


at the Shrine of the Discalced Carmelites in Munster, IN

The Jubilee Cross is a token of gratitude of our religious community for the 70th anniversary of its existence. It was precisely on January 17, 1950, that our friars received a decree from the Holy See establishing the foundation of our monastery, beginning in neighboring Hammond, but then moving to its present site in Munster in 1952.

We entrusted the building of the Cross to master carpenter Andrzej Jędzejczak; however, the artist Leszek Maćkowiak, who was trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, designed and carried out the project. Leszek Maćkowiak is an interior designer, painter, sculptor, gold finisher, and an expert in the field of conserving works of art.

The Jubilee Cross in its basic form is connected with the cross designed by the Italian artist Maestro del Bigallo (illustration 1). Our goal, however, was not to reproduce a faithful copy of that cross, but rather, based on the “Roman prototype”, to create a new work that would be especially suited to our shrine and connected toour Carmelite charism, as well as portray the distinctive character of this shrine.


illustration 1

illustration 2


1A. Monastery
1B. St. John Paul II Hall
2A. Figure of Our Lady of Ludźmierz
2B. Arcades

2C. Jubilee Cross
3. Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy
4. Office
5. Gift Shop
6. Restroom
7. Banquet Hall
8. Grotto of Mother of God
9. Grotto of the Lord’s Tomb
(Station XIV)
and Calvary (Station XII)
10. “Scala Sancta” (Holy Stairway)
11. Highlander’s Chapel
12. Picnic Areas


I-XIV  Stations of the Cross


A. St. Raphael Kalinowski Statue
B. St. Maximilian Kolbe Statue
C. St. John Paul II Statue
D. Statue of St. Therese with Her Father
E. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Statue
F. St. Bernadette Statue
G. Our Lady of Lourdes Statue
H. Sacred Heart Statue




Jubilee Cross

Munster OCD

Written by

Fr. Andrzej Gbur, OCD

Translation: Michael Gibson