Consecration of the Church

Despite the fact that the church at our monastery was built many years ago, it was never formally consecrated, and for this reason, a general renovation undertaken in the spring of 2015 became an ideal occasion for us to consecrate it. After the renovation was completed, during a Solemn Holy Mass on November 12, 2015, Bishop Donald Hying, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Gary, carried out the consecration of our renovated church.

At the ceremony, apart from the great numbers of the faithful gathered for the occasion, along with guests from Poland and our entire Carmelite community, our Provincial Superior, Fr. Tadeusz Florek, OCD, also took part. The provincial brought from Rome relics of St. John Paul II, which were placed in the new marble altar.

During his homily, Bishop Hying explained the meaning of the symbols used in the rite of consecration of the church, and also expressed his profound gratitude for the presence of the Carmelite community in the Diocese of Gary, for the pastoral work we carry out, and for the help we provide in the parishes.




At the end, addressing our community, he said: “You came here with the richness of your faith, with the kindness of your hearts, and you have planted deeply within us that seed of faith, sowed the seed of faith deeply within us.”

He added: “There are thousands of people throughout our diocese and indeed from other places that come to this monastery because they know that they will encounter Christ here. They know that they will be welcomed here. They know that they will be loved here.”

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors and the faithful who regularly pray in our church, during its renovation, the following basic improvements were carried out:a new marble floor was laid out in the sanctuary, and a new marble altar was installed. Throughout the entire church and vestibule, in place of the previous carpeting, ceramic tiles were placed, with new pews installed, new Stations of the Cross placed on the walls, and in the places marking where the church was consecrated with oil, special “Zachaeus” lights were hung. In the months following the consecration of the church, the renovation was supplemented with the building of four new sound-proof confessionals, the purchase of a new organ and sound system, as well as the construction of a baptismal font in the style of the Polish Highlanders. We express our deep gratitude to all the sponsors and workers who carried out this renovation, rejoicing in this collaborative work undertaken “for the greater glory of God.”